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Christian Bestman - Loved

And then we grew
Holding on to time as it flew
With ageing, memories are new
But old scenes, we miss
The ring of yester we've kissed

I miss my little eyes
Beauty it found in everything it gazed upon
The hues of colors,
The green of leaves, the gold of the evening
The yellow of the sun, the red of the setting sun
The, complicate colors if flowers
The SILVERY rays that falls from the moon
The black of the soil
The black of the night, and the yellow flames from the lamp
The fierce eyes of father and tender hands of mother
I found love or rather love found me
I found him on Calvary, i felt him rise in me
Loved by the almighty a love that ain't deserved but yet given

Quotable Lyrics

Na you be God oh
You no be man oh 
Na you be God oh
You no be man oh
Shebi na you wey come down to earth 
Come die
Shebi na you wey sacrifice your life
Baba you too much oh you just dey love me de go
No love fit hook me pass the love wy you show
Wetin i go use qualify this love that you give
No word fit just simplify the term wey dey my mind
You took me up and sanctified my heart and my soul
Your love has just certified my trust for you...

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