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About Us

Sjxchart is an online website and web app that discovers, showcases and ranks Nigerian artistes and songs. It can be considered as the "Official entertainment Board for Nigerian artistes and their songs".

On 11/04/2018, we launch a website "Streetjamx" (sjx) with the aim to discover and promote artistes as a means of encouraging and supporting them. As the number of discovered artistes and songs increased, we decided to create something special for the Nigerian Music Industry.

This lead to the creation of Sjxchart  (sjxc) site and mobile app.

Download SJX Chart for Android

For the Nigerian Music Industry
Connecting artistes, music producers, record labels and music lovers together on one platform.

To create an online platform solely for Artistes, Record labels, Music producers, and music lovers.
★ A platform that makes it easier for record labels to discover new artistes, and also new music producers
★ A platform where artistes get to meet fellow artistes on same or similar genre
★ A platform that gives music producers the opportunity to promote their beats
★ A competitive platform between artistes to top the chart

Top features (SJXC site and SJXC Mobile app):
 ★ Yearly Hot 10 (Chart)
 ★ Hot 10 Artists (Chart)
 ★ Hot 20 Songs (Chart)
 ★ Anticipated
 ★ News (General update, new music alert, offers, ranking, contests and others)
 ★ Download songs
 ★ Preview songs before downloading
 And many more!!!

SJXC Mobile app only:
★ Rate songs and artists
★ Upvote your favorite songs
★ Playlists and a weekly mix

Recommended users:
 ★ Music Lovers
 ★ Record Labels
 ★ Music Producers
 ★ DJ's
 ★ Artistes
 ★ Music Bloggers
 ★ Others

How we rank songs and artistes:
*Below are some of the points we consider when ranking songs on SJXC
- Production quality
- Radio streams
- Lyrics quality
- SJXC song views
- Fans reaction

*Below are some of the points we consider when ranking artistes on SJXC
- Number of quality songs
- Number of fan engagement
- Shows attended
- Interviews held

Song submission format:
Send the below to our mail: sjxchart@gmail.com


* Attach song (as mp3) and song cover art.

Note: We do not claim ownership of any artiste or song found on SJXC and any copyright infringement complaints will be executed immediately, it is our policy to honor all take-down requests.
Song download link will be provided only if the artiste agrees to offer a free download link.
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